Ep20 – Prostitution in the Wild West

For our season two finale, we will be learning about 19th century prostitution in the American west. Beyond the myths and old western movies, what do we really know about this notorious group of women? What kind of conditions did they live with, and how does popular myth compare to reality?   Suggested Episodes: Ep16…

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Ep10 – Mail Order Brides

They’ve been arriving from afar for centuries, but you won’t find them on Amazon with two-day shipping. We are wrapping up season 1 with the long and sorted history of mail-order brides. Who were the first mail-order brides? What circumstances sparked this phenomenon? And how has the mail-order bride industry changed over time? iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/salacious-history/id1452081700Patreon:…

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Ep09 – Sex & Marriage: Slavery in Early America

This week, we explore what sex, courtship, and marriage was like for enslaved Africans in 18th and 19th century America. How were those who had no control over their destiny able to find love? What effect did the system of slavery have on family structure and gender roles? All this and more will be answered…

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