Ep02 – Descendants of Genghis Khan

This week, Sarah explores the life of conqueror Genghis Khan, the man who has fathered more children than anyone else in history. We look into his tumultuous childhood, his scorched-Earth military tactics, and the genetic legacy he left behind. Disclaimer: this episode discusses rape and violence towards women – listener discretion is advised.


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Ep01 – JFK’s Sexual Exploits

In our pilot episode, Sarah digs into the story behind one of the most beloved, and some would say the sexiest, Presidents of the United States: John F. Kennedy. She discusses JFK’s unfortunate male role models, the many women he seduced, and a series of burning questions: Why couldn’t he keep his pants on? Did his wife Jackie know what was happening? And how the HELL did the public not know about all of his indiscretions? All these questions will be answered when you tune in!


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Trailer – Salacious History

History is a lot dirtier than you think. Salacious History is a podcast that explores moments in history that were shaped by sex, romance, and people who were generally down to clown.

Using sex and related topics as a jumping-off point, Sarah Duncan presents a cheeky yet factual glimpse into historical moments and figures that may have been a little too racy for your high school history class.